2012 Resolutions

Hi Friends! You might notice that this blogpost looks different from my last one. Well, it’s an entirely new site. Truth be told, I was somewhat bored with my old blog on Tumblr. It was aging and needed a little facelift. So, here’s my new home for the coming year!

And so with a new blog in a new year, I offer you my 2012 Resolutions:

  1. Run a Half-Marathon. Train consistently with Alli, Laura, Cristina, and Sara (and dear Bryan, via email) for the 9 weeks leading up to it.
  2. Mix socializing with exercise by rock climbing with Kiri and attending yoga class with Kels on a weekly basis.
  3. Be more consciously thankful by continuing my THX Project. Inspired by this and this.
  4. Continue to let God use me as a mentor to insight-genius Hannah.
  5. Read through the New Testament with Mom. And anyone else who wants to join (let me know! The more accountability the better).
  6. Take more photos by which to remember senior year.
  7. Know everything there is to know about cochlear implants by doing research with Hannah Eskridge and volunteering for CASTLE Preschool in Durham.
  8. Find a steady job that I enjoy. Start stowing away all my money.
  9. Listen more. Talk less.

I’m was so excited about my 2012 Resolutions that I dragged Steph and dad to Staples to help me pick a new planner (you probably wouldn’t believe how stressful this decision can be). I want to keep myself accountable by managing my time better (I’m hoping this won’t be too hard considering I only have 3 classes!).


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