What does it mean to have a god?

“…or, what is God? Answer: A god means that from which we are to expect all good and to which we are to take refuge in all distress, so that to have a God is nothing else than to trust and believe Him from the [whole] heart; as I have often said that the confidence and faith of the heart alone make both God and an idol.”

– Martin Luther

There’s so much to update you all on — I’ve been a bad blogger this past week. Namely, this is because I’ve been trying to work out my schedule, find a job and keep up with all my new year’s resolutions. Which reminds me, I need to find a scanner for my thank you project — I used the UL scanner the first two days back, but that becomes inconvenient when it’s the weekend, like today.

Anyway, hopefully this quote gives you the same pause it did me. Summit Pastor JD Greear shared this last night at service and it  resonated with my own failings: Everyone has a god. We all find find a refuge somewhere. Where do you find yours? — I’m guilty in that my answer isn’t often “Jesus.”

Now to spend some time finishing reading Mark for today, then lunch and a homemade dinner with two sets of dear friends.

PS: Bryan’s here! He’s still currently asleep — silly boy! But it’s always a joyous weekend when he’s visiting (minus when the Heels lose. Try on some Adam Lucas for encouragement).

Love to all (updates coming soon!).


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