Life: with a Side of Ginger Cookies.

Welcome back — it has been a while. You’re probably wondering what happened to me — or if I’ve lost my sanity/fell off the face of the earth/broke my new years resolutions.
Or maybe not.

Truth is, life has been (among other things) restful, thoughtful, discouraging, beautiful and exuberant. It’s only been my own negligence that made me forget this blog. I don’t have anything in particular to write about — sorry to disappoint. But I am enjoying my final semester (I’ve been better at updating my thank you blog if you want to check that out, too), and here are some of the updates…

restful. My three classes are all interesting, but none too hard. I’m splitting my time between friends and truly restful sleep. I’ve written a few cards (which I never do anymore) and have done all my reading for Religion.

thoughtful. I’ve been reading a lot in my Bible (Mom and I just finished Mark and are now making our way through Acts. It’s definitely not too late to join us and catch up!). It’s been great to have this extra free time in the mornings to sit and contemplate God’s word. I’ve also been thinking how important it is to pray using the Bible. It’s a great way to focus our attention and keep it focused on Him, instead of getting so caught up with my own concerns, and so off-track.

discouraging. I just found out two days ago that a job opportunity I had been praying about for this semester fell through (the place didn’t have enough funds to take on a part-time position).

beautiful. Have you been outside recently? Gorgeous. Also, I had a wonderful dinner with friends last night, a letter from Bryan, a relaxing Yoga workout this morning, and a peppermint mocha from my coffee maker. Pure bliss.

exuberant. I ran 20 miles total last week and am planning to do 20 more this week. I am not lying when I say I’ve been loving every mile — when I take music with me, I become a part of another world. And when I don’t, I’m immersed in the world around me. I like trading off.   Just working up to my 13.1 miles on March 17. See you there?

anxious. Some of my friends are already beginning to make housing plans for next year (Ah!). This makes me feel behind and nervous and uncertain. But I’m still awaiting UNC’s admission decision. My ‘application pending’ pops up every time I use our Connect Carolina homepage.

It’s almost the end of the week, people! I’m excited. Clearly. Mainly because I just got a crazy craving for Soft, Chewy Ginger Cookies — and decided I will make them this weekend because I already have all the ingredients.

I just have to decide which recipes will be the chewiest:


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