This Weekend (with bunny ears).

By Dad's Sweet Seats.

What a great weekend for company. Here are some of my favorite things:

-& Dad driving up for his first game in the Dean Dome (we played UVA).

-& These amazing pancakes and apple cake (I highly recommend both–the ricotta makes for delectably moist pancakes).

-& Irish coffee at Carolina Coffee Shop (warm drink on our 25-degree evening)

-& Catching up with old friends of Bryan’s with dear Paige!

-& Sunday Brunch at 411 West

-& Bolin Creek Parkway walk and life musings (typical Shannon and Bryan activities).

-& Meeting Shammond Williams. Yep. This Shammond Williams. Here’s how it went down:

Bryan, Dad and I wanted to take a few photos on the actual court, so we headed down to painted blue hardwood. Most fans had already exited the building after our victory (!!) over UVA. Just as Dad  snapped a photo of Bryan and I, some random guy behind us threw up a peace sign (whether he was attempting bunny ears or a two-fingered wave is still debated). But he ended up in our picture, Dad only laughed and then showed us the photo result:

Bunny Ears OR two-fingered wave? You decide.

I just laughed when I saw the photo. From across the Court I heard “Sorry ’bout that.” I couldn’t help but laugh again and Bryan’s mouth dropped open.

“Shammond Williams…!” he whispered.

The man, standing a few feet away was clearly a well-known basketball legend — he had that swagger. He was chatting to a few friends on the court, and he turned his head at our surprised faces. I tried to show Shammond the photo, but he shook his head, “You’re gonna have to delete that one.”

“Yeah,” I said. “We’ll do a retake with you in it this time.”

He kindly obliged. What a friendly guy. Not sure if he knew that he basically made Bryan’s weekend. But this story’s one for the vault, for sure.


PS: Judging by Shammond’s career free throw percentage, he could certainly benefit our team this season. I know Dad will agree. :)


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