Master of Science: a scary limbo

For the past 3 weeks I have read the following on my MyUNC account at least twice a day (and yes, I’ve been compulsively checking that long):


UNC-Chapel Hill
SM Master of Science
Speech and Hearing Sciences
2012 Fall
Thank you for submitting your application. Your decision is not yet available.


You’re supposed to get a phone call before they put it on the website. But I keep thinking I’ll catch the decision before they call. Hah.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this anxiety with you all as you continue to pray for God’s will for me next year.

This is the place I “want” to be. But who knows what other considerations have to come into play for that for next year. Recent conversations with Bryan, Cristina and Paige have led me to believe that as much as I’ve tried to plan and limit the future possibilities, anything can happen and I have to be ready to trust that whatever does happen, everything else is going to work out.

PS: This is a very vulnerable post for me. As Bryan + Family + Friends all know, I’m not one to share my ambitions. But I’m boldly putting this out there to say that this is “the plan” for now. But regardless of these plans, anything that happens will work out. Right?


PPS: Sheesh! This is scary!


4 thoughts on “Master of Science: a scary limbo

  1. We are definitely praying for the Lord’s will and his greatest blessings in your life right now! I know that all will be well! You are such a bright and shining young woman! The best is yet to be! We love you!

    Sharon and David!

  2. Wow: That sounds like the right Grad program for you. However, I’m sure ther are other great programs as well. Just relax and enjoy the ride since you have done all you can do. Remember, all future rewards are in God’s hands. We are just pawns. You have done a remarkable job so far and your future is bright. It’s now out of your hands. Be happy and don’t sweat the small things, because in the big picture, this is really a small thing.

  3. I’m praying for you! I know what it’s like to be in that limbo and how waiting can be overwhelming at times, but you’re right in realizing that trusting is the only thing you can do (it’s easier said than done sometimes)! Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next in your life :-)

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