March First.

1. 70 Degrees today. Spring Break is around the corner. I’m headed up to DC tomorrow. Enough said.

2. Z’s Senior Night. I attended my final game as an undergraduate on Wednesday. The game was fabulous; concluding our home series with a resounding, definitive win. Tyler Zeller went out with the most-made free throws in Dean Dome history (he had 20!). And this post-game Adam Lucas column may have brought a tear or two to my eyes. Here we are post-senior night:

3. I will be a Speech Pathologist. I got into UNC’s Speech and Hearing Sciences Master’s Program for next year! RELIEF and EXCITEMENT. And Happiness. And Praise! Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers along the way and in the midst of my worry. Ironically enough, I was reading through Acts and completely distracted when my phone buzzed with the email notification. Not to worry, once I gather my thoughts, I will post more updates about my future in Chapel Hill for TWO MORE years. And, yeah, I guess you could say my decision has been made.

Please note what my sweet Glendie housemates left on my desk yesterday. It was a flood of kind, kind words that literally made my evening. It’s funny how the little thoughts and gestures make you so happy.

4. Jesus and Feet. Just had a wonderfully contemplative, humbling conversation about feet washing with Hannah who is my “disciplee,” but mostly my friend. :) Here’s the passage if you want a humbling discussion to begin your March.

John 13:14

Love and humility and thankfulness for the beginning of Spring Break tomorrow!


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