13.1 & Done.

Above, our St. Patrick’s Day in DC.

Well, Bryan and I both finished our first half-marathon(s)!!! We were both very happy with our time (1 hr 50 min for Bryan and I was 2 minutes behind him). Personally, I’m just stoked to finish. Here are a few of the race day highlights:

Breakfast of Green bagels and butter (circa 6:00 am)

-13.1 miles through DC was pretty grueling. Not going to lie: at points during the half I thought to myself “Why am I doing this? I am so dumb.” But the two thoughts that kept me going? 1. Having to admit to friends/family that I had walked ANY of the race (I’m proud to say I did not) and 2. Water at the finish line (seriously. you do not realize how vital that stuff is until you are truly, truly thirsty. As a note, the marathon did have plenty of water and gatorade and “GU fuel” along the course. But those are nearly impossible to drink while running. You try).

– Residents and fans all along the course — so many people lined the streets of DC. I’m not sure I could have completed 13 non-stop miles had they not smiled, waved, cheered, yelled along the way. I pretty sure I don’t know any of you, but your signs and kind words were motivating (even more than the bands). Thank You.

– Switchfoot concert at the finish line (also, free food).

– 80-degree weather. So beautiful — perfectly warm ending.

– Recovery lunch at Chop’t.

– Sore post-race muscles are painful but very satisfying (Yes, Bryan and I have been hobbling whenever we encounter stairs these past 24 hours).

-Watching March Madness for the rest of the day (perfect excuse for resting sore muscles).

More will come later, I am sure. I leave you with a few post-race photos. I would share some of the photos that a professional took DURING my race. But those make it look like I struggled to finish the race. I am not a pretty runner. Yeesh! You never realize these things about yourself until later. Perhaps I should have picked a different sport. But, whatever the photos reveal, I feel like I finished strong — and I sprinted to the finish, which was an accomplishment. I hate sprinting. :)

Above, Me, Laura and Alli post-race, soaking in the beautiful sunshine.

Today was a constant state of hobbling. Alli, Bryan and I walked through Georgetown (once again confirmed that UNC is the best university in the world), tasted some Georgetown Cupcakes, cheered on NC State and Bryan and I took a long “stretch walk” to the Air Force Memorial. Good day.

Above, Alli and Me outside Georgetown Cupcakes. YUM!

Back to the Hill tomorrow morning.

Considering my next race,


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