A Day In The Life…

Nana encouraged me to include more details from my daily life here.

Who, ME? MY daily life…?

Unfortunately, as I think about my life at Carolina during the week, it’s pretty mundane — particularly this semester as my extracurricular involvement and commitments wind down. I’m not “important,” I don’t have meetings with “important’ people, I’m not slaving over research for a stellar thesis — and I’m certainly not in a fast-paced job. Many days, I’m on my own for three of my meals.

I see your faces. Don’t worry! I do actually have friends.
Good ones, actually.
We do coffee instead.

But thinking about my daily life has made me realize (yet again) how much I enjoy planning the future and contemplating the past — and how mundane I often think of the present (or my day-to-day life) as being. Shouldn’t I practice more ‘carpe diem’? Some ‘seize the day’ and ‘there’s no time like the present,’ kind of thing? I have friends whose personalities are better suited to that excitement.

I’m certainly not.

Today I’m tracking down all my books and materials (hopefully) for a Religious Studies research paper due next week. I’m sitting in the anxious quiet of Davis Library. The stressed out students around me make me smile in my senior status.

I’m not stressed.

Graduation is in 4 weeks.

I could not be more anxious for that.

Lies (I’m also nervous about housing and being here by myself…)!

But, I’m breathing in the present. I feel confident that today will be a good day. I’ve got pita chips, hummus & carrots for lunch. And a full afternoon planned. Highlights include:

& Speech & Hearing Club meeting on Cochlear Implants
& Sex Trafficking documentary by my Winston Hall roomie, Amanda.
& Bible Study on Philippians 3 (“Rejoice!” -Paul)

Final question for the the present is when do I get to run again…?

I miss running! And it’s the perfect weather for it.


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