The End (of undergrad) …is Near!

I’ve been remiss in updating with daily life anecdotes. So instead, I will leave a few thoughts (and yes I realize making a list is totally cheating the whole ‘anecdotes’ part…):

& – I’ve been running again — but not consistently. I keep getting bogged down by homework …

& – Speaking of homework, I’m working on my last 10-page paper — EVER — of undergrad.

& – I’ll let you know when we can celebrate the end.

& – But don’t worry, I’m already planning the senior year celebrations (which include baseball games, Maple View ice cream, hiking, the beach and Washington, DC). Just have to make it through Thursday!

& – I went to an acapella concert on Saturday — this beautiful girl in my Bible Study sang an Adele solo! She rocks.

& – I miss my sisters. And puppy…

& – Bryan and I are making a “Intentionality List” — things we want to do next year. INTJs, who love this place…what can I say?

& – I want to swing dance to this song:

That’s life for now.


PS: Why can’t it be this season again?


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