Against Rushing Waters

I just got back from one of the most relaxing beach trips with my friends Brooke, Susan, and Jordan (see above). I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to go with — the three of them are so much fun — we played quite a few games of Spades and had plenty of chocolate chip cookies. Here are some more of my favorite photos:

As always, my favorite part of beach trips comes in the early mornings (well, if 8 AM is early for you) running or walking on the sand and ocean. Don’t worry, I got my fill of that. One of my favorite photos from the morning?

The last morning there I just stood with my feet buried in the sand and let the waves wash around my knees. I kept thinking this is how I should face the all these changing tides in my life (graduation, grad school, new houses, friends moving away, summer jobs…): stand firmly rooted, be adaptable to change, let the world’s waves (worries, homework, stress…) rise and beat against you until you’re rough imperfections are smooth like a stone under rushing water.

The next time I post, I will most likely be graduated.
Here’s to 2012! What is to come?


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