End of Summer Summary

I feel like this is the appropriate time to summarize my summer — tomorrow I’ll share List of Intentionality for the coming year (created with B’s help).

Well, I don’t know if you remember my post from the beginning of the summer (link is here), but I set a few goals and a reading list. As for the goals, here’s what I accomplished.

1. RUN (goal: getting back up to 10 miles by July).

–> on and off running. I was consistent about running 3-5 miles a couple times a week. However, I am nowhere close to getting back to 10 miles like I thought. 

2. PRAYER (prayer journal)

–> well, this failed. I kept a prayer journal for a week and completely forgot about it. How does that happen? Anyone have more ideas for accountability and actually following through on this goal?

3. BIBLE (keeping up in making my way through the NT).

–> Mostly well. I have slacked off these past few weeks. I need to read Luke, Ephesians, and Philippians and then I’ll be back on track. Here’s to accomplishing that soon. 

4. EAT (make & experiment with new recipes when possible).

–> Not so well. Eating while babysitting and working at Foster’s kind of ruined this goal. Not that I’m upset. It does mean I have a more sophisticated palate (thanks to the healthy food the kids I babysat ate) and saved a bunch of money!

Reading Goals

Reading Goals I actually accomplished:

Pilgrim’s Progress by Paul Bunyon
–> still working my way through this with Bryan. Classic.
The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
–> SO GOOD! Worth it for everyone to read.

& Something by Donald Miller
–> Blue Like Jazz!

Other Unexpected but Wonderful Summer Reads

& The Weird Sisters
& Rules of Civility
& Room
& A Separate Country
& Crazy Love
& Lord of the Rings Trilogy

All in all, a successful summer.
I’m 22 and in Graduate School? What?


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