First Day (in a Nanosecond)

If Dr. Harrison were writing this post, she’d begin by saying:

“I found a nanosecond in which to tell you about my first day of orientation!”

And, she’d echo my thoughts exactly.

These past two days have been a whirlwind of meeting new people and taking in new information (speaking of which is tomorrow only Wednesday?). Dr. Harrison is my graduate school advisor — as well as my grant director (I forgot to mention that I’m on this grant to work in the field of pediatric hearing loss). Dr. Harrison is sarcastic and smart and so busy — thus the reason her favorite word is “nanosecond.” I don’t believe she has one in the day all to herself.

Anyway, I’ve felt a little like Dr. Harrison these past two days (has it really only been two…?).

I’m fairly certain I’m not making coherent sentences or paragraphs at this point, so here’s a bulleted list of highlights from Day One and Day Two:

1. Walking through rain on the first day (and of course I’m the only student who comes wearing shorts. FAIL — all the girls in my cohort are so fashionable!).

2. Hearing from the second-years in the program that you need to have a life, take care of yourself and BREATHE. You’re not expected to be perfect. Our classes are graded High Pass, Pass, Low Pass (there are no GPAs); they just want us all to pass. That’s all we have to do (well more or less) for our Master’s.

3. Meeting girls from across the country (San Diego, Chicago, Portland, Michigan, you name it).
3.a. Feeling a little inadequate and blessed to be a part of this cohort (everyone is so smart).

4. Learning that my professors are kind, nice people who like to laugh — especially Dr. Harrison.

5. Listening to a lecture on how to base your eventual practice and therapy on EVIDENCE (begin feeling pretty anxious/excited about graduation in two years and practicing on my own – !!!!!).

6. Eating in The Beach Cafe (a small cafeteria/dining hall for the Medical School. I’m feeling very old, smart and cool here. I even have an official badge that helps me blend in with the nurses and doctors and dental students).

7. Taking my first class today on Pediatric Aural Rehabiilitation (this is exactly what I want to do. We’re going to learn about how to fit children with hearing loss with hearing aids or cochlear implants and how to best evaluate which techniques and treatments are effective).

I can already see I’m going to have to cut out some of this technical jargon for later posts.
But that’ll be good for me: SLPs are supposed to be excellent communicators — and I’ll need to know how to communicate very technical results and diagnoses to parents/families in a way that’s easy to understand.

I have TWO more Orientation Days left this week: here’s to hoping they go by like a nanosecond!

Don’t worry, there are more updates to come: Bryan starts his orientation tomorrow and then Law School next week (We are going to be studying fiends)! Also, I won’t forget to post our list of Intentionality.

My current conclusion: I’m going to LOVE Graduate School (this conclusion is, of course, is subject to change! I’ll keep you updated).



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