List of Intentionality

Chapel Hill, you are our home.
Our homeland.
Our promised land.
The land to which we have returned.

credits to Emily March Photography ( She is wonderful!

That’s somewhat dramatic (although it’s possible Bryan will beg to differ). Nevertheless, Bryan and I are back in Chapel Hill for at least 3 more years. We spent our first 2 years of dating almost exclusively at places in Chapel Hill (Franklin Street P&P; Cobb Tennis Courts, Campus picnic tables, Davis Library). For the next two years we will both be on campus taking classes — albeit on opposite sides of campus: I’m closer to the hospital and dental school and he’s over near the baseball stadium. We won’t see each other between classes and during the day, but that does not mean we can’t make plans for non-class times.

As many graduates have admitted to, Bryan and I recognized a few regrets of things we did not make an effort to do as undergrads (sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything we want … anyone else agree?). I feel so fortunate and thankful that we get a do-over — a chance to do the things we didn’t do the first time around — in my favorite city in the world.

This summer Bryan and I collaborated to create a List of Intentionality of activities we want to do while back in the “Promised Land” of Chapel Hill (together!) for the next 2-3 years.

Without further ado,

Bryan + Shannon’s List of Intentionality in Chapel Hill

1. Take in the Tar Heel Radio Show (Wednesday Nights at 7 PM by Jones Angell) with drinks and conversation.
2. Read/study in the quad/arboretum(weekly).

3. Long runs (Saturday OR Sunday morning).
4. Going to baseball games (Durham Bulls and Heels; monthly). Also, although this does not need to be said we will be attending football and basketball games regularly. Because, you know, I date Bryan Weynand and he is full of sports knowledge and I love him.
5. Visit Bryan’s grandma at Hillendale for a meal (monthly)
6. Cook meals together(weekly)
7. Join a church and regularly attend a small group (maybe separate, maybe together?).
8. Hang out with Scott (Raleigh or Chapel Hill?; monthly).
9. Attend Tuesday Night Worship (weekly or biweekly)
10. Play Ultimate Frisbee with friends.
My hope is that our weeks and months, come May 2013, still include all of these activities (plus more).

If you want to join us on anything let me know! Or if you have any suggestions, send them along! We are trying to stick to about ten things (because that’s a do-able amount), but I’ll time for some more things. Mainly, hanging out with friends and playing with my housemates new puppy (pictures to come on that soon).

The biggest unwritten item from the List of Intentionality is STUDY. Lots of STUDYING for Law School and Speech Pathology.

Bryan’s better at this: he’s only on his second day of class and he already has that down to a science (he’s doing a 9-5 study session in the Law School every day).

I, on the other hand, am currently writing this blogpost while my Neuroanatomy textbook lies somewhat forlornly and forgotten next to me. He is so long. And intense. And confusing.

But, I love pictures and descriptions of the brain. The brain is beautiful (and to quote Dr. Harrison again: “The nervous system is the most elegant part of your body.”).

And thus I am reminded to bring this blogpost to a close. Retreat: to the books!



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