There’s something about rain — and my open room window — that makes me think, “I need to blog.” And so, realizing I’ve been behind on updates here, I have much to share.

Neuroanatomy is (rightly so) my most challenging class.
Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation and Craniofacial Anomalies are (by far) the most fascinating.

I participate in my first school hearing screening tomorrow — I’ll be administering pure tone tests to the kiddos as a screen to see whether they should be referred for a more in-depth hearing testing. It’s an all-day adventure (starting at 7am, ah!), but I’m wildly excited!

My fellow masters friends are fascinating. I go back and forth on whether or not I could/should create an entire blog with a post on each of the 28 of them. But, really. You may see a blog dedicated to that sometime soon — itd be an easy excuse to satisfy my fascination with their different backgrounds; every conversation, reveals a new and amazing fact/history/tidbit. Admittedly, sometimes I feel like I know nothing comparatively, but most of the time, I feel empowered to be a part of a program with such strong, intelligent, kind women (and men!).

I’m currently a book juggler, hopping from fiction to nonfiction to textbook. Non-textbookwise, I can’t decide what I should stick to. Here’s what’s on my nightstand currently (suggestions on which to finish first?):

-Bryan is still the law school guru we all expected he would be. And, we’ve already accomplished a few things off our list!

-Amos is adjusting well. Still a hyper little puppy. I feel bad for him on these rainy days being cooped up in our small little place.

– I’m undertaking this art project (with a canvas that will read “Karis. Grace.” — just like this blog title).

-I spent this past weekend up in the Shenandoah mountains of Virginia with Kelsey and a group of friends for a girly bachelorette party. It rained almost constantly — but it was a lovely retreat of laughter and relaxation — and a celebration of the loyalty and beautiful friendship of Kelsey.

A Dr. Harrison Quote: 

“It is YOUR JOB [as a speech-language pathologist] to open as many doors for children as possible.”

here’s a video on Pediatric Hearing Loss and Therapy from CASTLE
, the site I did a majority of my volunteering with as an undergrad. It makes me excited about the future!


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