Semi-Monumental Events in My Recent Life

1. I turned 23 yesterday — and this was the only picture I have from all of Sept 21, 2012 (whaaaat?). Thank goodness for photographer friends like Emily! A huge thank you to everyone who left me sweet voicemails, sent sweet cards or just spent time with me yesterday. Birthdays always make me thankful
for dear friends. I felt so loved.

2. I am now the proud owner of a coffee grinder (birthday present from Bryan). Does this officially make me a coffee connoisseur? I need to know when I’ve passed this mark (note: I just had to spell check the word “connoisseur,” so I don’t think I’m quite there yet).

3. I killed a cockroach this morning. Truth. With the help of Raid. But still. I am a victorious cockroach KILLER! I am proud of this feat.

4. I actually look fashionable in a photo (or at least I think I do). Below is a photo of the Speech-Language Pathology students (first row) and Audiology students (back row) on the Pediatric Hearing Loss grant with me:

5. I finished my first NeuroAnatomy exam. While we have yet to get our grades back, I feel confident that I Passed and now know more about the brain. Speaking of which, here’s a Dr. Harrison quote for the post:

“What can I say? Getting older makes you lumpy.”

(in reference to the trend that our brains get more bumps, zig-zags, and gyri, the more neural connections that we make/the older we get and the more we learn and have to store. Bottom line: Brains are fascinating).

6. I made the most amazing Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Cookies from a Foster’s Market original recipe. Yummm! (note: the secret is how you add the butterscotch, but not butterscotch chips). I’ll have to send a copy to Becca — she’s an amazing baker.

7. Bryan and I have been intentional about our list! The only items left on Bryan and my List of Intentionality are: going to baseball games (#4), visiting his grandma (#5), joining a church (#7) and hanging out with scott (#8). Moving along!

8. I am now 23. This just seems/sounds/feels old. Hopefully I get over that in time for turning 24 next year! :)

Lastly, today is officially Fall.
Happy day!
So you know what that means:
– Football Game Day (my first one of the season — and my first game as a grad student).
– Fall Runs (With this cool weather, it is going to happen much more often).


2 thoughts on “Semi-Monumental Events in My Recent Life

  1. Wow!! You really needed a 48hr. B/D. It’s amaqing how orderly you can make your schedule as you get older! Good Grief! Did I say that?? I immed-
    iately retract that statement!! Have a ball at the game..and save that recipe. I
    might like a copy.. Love you..Ms. P

  2. happy birthday; Makes me feel much older but trilled that you are getting your ed. and preparing for your future! Going to see your sister play softball @ UNC charlotte today. Hope you an Bryan have a great day.

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