Rainy Days are Accurate Barometers

Rainy days are accurate barometers for my underlying feelings.

Yesterday started off weirdly gloomy and I felt tired. Today there is little difference: I still feel tired I keep trying to make myself concentrate on what I should be studying for this week and my upcoming midterms in a few weeks. I think the cloudy, dreary weather outside doesn’t help. There are plenty of days where I’m so excited for rainy, cozy times indoors, but these two days have not been some of them.

I keep finding my thoughts drift toward setting goals for post-graduation. I spent an inordinate amount of time browsing through second-years’ previous placements and wondered half-aloud where I’d end up. I’m leaning toward in acute-care center in a hospital.

I seem to be in a half-asleep state today.

But things that I do love recently:

& – Frisbee Rec League (we played such a close game last night. And guys, I’m getting so much better. Keep this on the DL, but I’m currently looking up frisbee terms so I can look somewhat more educated on the field).

& – Brixx Pizza with friends (last night).

& – homemade Fosters grits (just the grits — nothing else. I’m making them right now and they’re more complicated than you’d think).

& – Pediatric Aural Rehab (my lone class of the day — and by far my favorite).

& – Watching Downton Abbey (this show has soap-opera-esque moments, but is overall wonderful and addictive. If you know me, you know I don’t usually recommend TV shows, but I’m quite obsessed with this one! If you liked Pride and Prejudice you should watch it).

How are you all? Miss you!



One thought on “Rainy Days are Accurate Barometers

  1. Djon’t let rainy days be devoid of joy because it contains difficulties, etc.Just
    concentrate on being incommunion w/ Jesus. He’s familiar with those kind of
    days too..right? And you are so right about grits! keep stirring when they go in the hot water! They lump so easy!! You’re a love. Ms, Dot

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