A Few Things I’m (okay with being) Terrible At

I’m awake early this morning for the Bilingual Conference I’m required to attend at 9:30am. I was telling Bryan about this requirement and he thought it was quite strange:

“But, do they realize you don’t speak Spanish? Why are they making you go?”

Ah. Actually, more accurately, the conference is completely in English, but the presentations will focus on serving non-native English speakers as speech-pathologists. Specifically the focus is on school-age children with little to no English proficiency. I think (and hope!) that I’ll learn a lot, but I’m not exactly thrilled to be going. I’ve realized that speaking Spanish is definitely not my strength.

Which also leads me to the thought that: there are a lot I’m not good at.

So, without further ado, I give you cute Australian Shepherd puppy photos my exercise in humility:

A note on the puppy photos: I did not take any of these. This puppy is available for adoption at puppyfind.com. I’m not planning to adopt a puppy anytime soon. That said, if this cutie showed up at my doorstep needing a home, he would never be out of my eyesight again.

10 Things I’m Terrible At. 

1. Speaking Spanish (mainly due to lack of practice and lack of motivation to practice).

2. Extended Periods of Social Time (I crave my quiet alone time in the presence of people)

3. Throwing Off / Pulling (The game leading-off frisbee throw that spans nearly an entire soccer field. Yeah, I don’t have much practice or much skill or much strength in this area).

Oh my goodness.

4. Remembering Details (I have a great short term memory and the most terrible long-term memory of all time? What UNC basketbal games did I attend as a freshman? Nearly no recollection. I just nod my head when Bryan talks about these things).

5. TV Shows (I either lose interest, get frustrated with the characters or forget to watch an episode. And I can’t stand missing an episode. The only show I currently watch is Downton Abbey — and that is more than enough for now).

6. Decorating (Yup).

7. Dressing Myself / Doing My Hair  (greatest dread in the morning is the question: What will I wear? or, similarly, How will I do my hair? How do so many girls enjoy these daily activities in the morning and what am I doing wrong?).

I would love him forever.

8. Going to the Gym (I love running. I love frisbee. I hate going to the gym — it’s like the dungeon of womanly comparisons and it makes shudder with dread. I wish I liked it more).

9. Being a Joyful Wedding Attendee (I seriously need to work on it. I’m happy for the couple, but not happy for myself. Please see #’s 2 and 7).

10. Patience and Relaxation (I grouped these together because I think they stem from the same personality trait: my utilization of time. I get so impatient at wasted time. Thus, the reason why I’m probably not going to be the best Grits cooker — the key is patient constant stirring of the pot. And also the reason I’m impatient with watching TV shows and doing my hair. They so often seem a waste of precious time (won’t people love me regardless of how great my hair looks?)).

And always.

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