The Pain of Stuttering…

“The pain of stuttering is not in speech interruptions. That’s not intrinsically painful. What’s painful is feeling different and feeling that that difference is unacceptable to you and to the world.”

– a recovered stutterer.

I’ve been feeling an overwhelming empathy for stutterers the more I study for my exam on disfluency/stuttering. My exam is on Monday, but I’m trying to get a headstart early today as I head home for my dear friend Kelsey’s wedding. I’m looking forward to seeing Mom and Summer and of course Madie (my love / incredibly spoiled dog). I’m hoping to drop by and see Em at some point (and perhaps others?). Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit anxious about cramming everything in this weekend, but I’m still excited!

Here are a few links to personal testimonies if you’re interested in knowing more about stuttering. While stuttering is very low-incidence compared to the other speech/language disorders I will see (I will in all likelihood never treat a stutterer), it’s still good to know about it.

– 3 British Stutterers:
– 3 American Stutterers:

Finally, I absolutely love The King’s Speech. Great accuracy (yep) in demonstrating therapy techniques and in documenting the duke/king’s emotional struggles with this stuttering:


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