I’m thankful we made it out west this past week to hike at Hanging Rock State Park. Bryan and I and two other girls from my program drove up for the day on Friday.

I hadn’t realized how I’d been operating on auto-pilot again.

Weekdays and weekends always seem to blur together during school (can you relate to that icky guilt feeling I get when I refuse to study in my free time? — it’s perpetual).

And as I study (or feel guilty for not studying) time moves along.

Before you know it, it’s already mid-October.

Half of the leaves have fallen.

The first round of midterms has already passed.

You are zooming along, nearly on auto-pilot, not accomplishing the things you kept envisioning yourself doing in those ‘planning and dreaming moments’ this past summer — when time felt oh, so lazy and slow and leisurely.

And Fall Break arrives unexpectedly but is decidedly welcome.

The breathtaking collage of reds and yellows and oranges at Hanging Rock reminded me

– that I’m small,
– that life is bigger than what I can see in front of me (“oh, what are men compared to rocks and mountains…?”),
– that striving so hard to meet perfection’s standard is short-sighted (“it’s all a striving after the wind…”).

There’s an eternal beauty in maintaining a mountaintop perspective.

Michelle and Cierra — my two (Cali!) friends provided perspective, too.

Michelle had intended to go into school counseling, but took a number of years off after undergrad to live in LA and to “figure out life,” before discovering speech pathology.

Cierra’s story is mesmerizing. Raised by her grandmother in a small California town, Cierra grew up having to come to grips with her young parents’ past. Somehow, she somehow manages to be the most positive person I know.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Chatting with these two on the drive up was as refreshing and inspiring as reaching Hanging Rock’s summit. I remembered that life is flexible, that my current trajectory is not immovable, and that people can all get to different places through a variety of experiences (none of them better than others). Being too rigidly focused is naive.

I’ve developed some refocused perspective:

– journal. read the Bible with an eager heart.
– learn for the future — not for the “Pass,” stop stressing.
– let God figure that out.
– love friends, hear their stories.
– pursue things that make me joyful (run! play frisbee! eat Mexican food! drink coffee!!!!).

Strive after what is meaningful.

Enjoy our mountaintop perspective photos below.
(if you click on them, they get bigger).


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Glad you had such beautiful weather to enjoy the wonderful colors and scenery. Makes me want to head to the mountains and see it for myself. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

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