You will find rest for your souls.

Dear friends,
Prayer needs to be more present in my life. I forget to pray for those to whom I promised I’d be in prayer for (I’m thinking of you, Grandma Shirley and Nana — and other friends who are farther away). I know you don’t need prayers — God is in control — prayer acts to lift our cares up to God — rest for our worried/wearied/burdened thoughts? I’m working to be better on realizing I’m not in control.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

[Matthew 11:29-30]

This weekend was busy, but great for:

& running (fall weather!).

& babysitting for the same family I did over the summer. You don’t realize how kids grow up so fast. And I adore their family! Their environment is so different from how I grew up, but I love their parents’ emphasis on creativity and reading. SO much creativity.

& attending an infant baptism of a daughter of one of Bryan’s friends from Law School. I got to experience an Anglican Church. I fully appreciated communion there. My soul felt connected to the “communal” aspect of taking the bread and wine together. We shared lunch with the family an their close friends afterward and met their church small group — a friend group full of married, academic couples (mostly without kids) living the Chapel Hill life. Something to look forward to?

& discussing The Meaning of Marriage with Bryan on Saturday. Here’s what that looked like.

& working on an annotated bibliography (basically where I review 10 different academic articles and compile them to look for  a common theme. Phew! It’s taking longer than I thought. But I have learned that parents’ language level, stress level, reading, joint attention and attentional response can greatly influence language development in children with hearing loss. In case, you know, that’s ever useful to you).

Oh, and in honor of Election Day tomorrow, here’s my current favorite video.



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