Today isn’t my day.

What a crazy/stressful past week it has been and looks to be this weekend! Neuroantomy exam 3 approaches on Monday and I’m not near ready. I’m just buzzing around pretending to study with marginal air left in my sails of motivation.

I want to apologize if it seems this blog seems to have become a dumping place for my favorite “religious” quotes. But today I just don’t think I’m in a place to formulate a shred of redemption in a post about life. That said, I am doing well.  Not to worry! But I am realizing more and more how self-centered and disorganized my life currently is. I don’t feel authoritative enough to sum it up for you.

I’ll let CS Lewis share his quote instead. Hannah and I were reading it aloud during Discipleship and it’s truth struck us with simultaneous revelation: “Wait, you feel that way, too…?”

“From the moment a creature becomes aware of God as God and of itself as self, the terrible alternative of choosing God or self for the center is opened to it.

This sin is committed daily by young children
and ignorant peasants
as well as by sophisticated persons,
by solitaries no less than
by those who live in society:

It is the fall in every individual life, and in each day of each individual life, the basic sin behind all particular sins:

At this very moment you or I are either
committing it,
or about to commit it,
or repenting it…

We try, when we wake, to lay the new day at God’s feet; [but] before we have finished shaving, it becomes our day and God’s share in it is felt as a tribute which we must pay out of ‘our own’ pocket, a deduction from the time which ought, we feel to be ‘our own.’”

– C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain, ch 5


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