2 Points.

Two thoughts this afternoon:

1. How sweet it is to share my new story with friends. I’m not the girly girly that giddily laughs and gets ‘oh so very’ excited about these engagement and wedding details. That does not mean I’m any less excited.

But I am equally delighted by all the joy I feel reflected back to me. Thank you, dear friends, for making it such a joy to share Bryan and my story!

You all’s sweet smiles and exclamations make me anticipate the future.

I think I needed reaffirmation that it’s okay to share our story.

Sometimes I think the world can be so harsh toward people who are engaged.
Maybe that’s why I’m hesitant to be so full of what they call ‘naive’ joy.

But I see the secular view of marriage as so misdirected.
The secular view focuses on fulfillment of the individual first.
It is not about a covenant or a sacrifice or humility or forgiveness.
It is about personal achievement.
In my own experience,  I’ve yet to find a place in which I’ve felt I could ever be completely fulfilled on my own.

What a burden to carry.

2. These lyrics while I was running this morning:

When there’s nothing that we can’t afford to sacrifice
There’s no way they can put out your fire

Switchfoot, Nothing Left to Lose

I loved this reminder.**

Once we stop holding onto our “treasures” — those tangible items we collect, and covet and guard so protectively — no one can extinguish our faith.

Our hope becomes indestructible.
We can rest in the intangible, the inextinguishable.

** something I need to be constantly, constantly reminded of.


One thought on “2 Points.

  1. I’m also reminded of a quote by a missionary who said “a man is so fool to
    give up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” (Jim Elliot) I also
    remember Frank S.’s last song ..which truly described his life…”I Did It
    My Way”. Much love to you and Bryan…Mrs P.

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