Thankful 2012.

Bryan told me yesterday this might be “the best year of my entire life.”

2012 might be the same for me as well.

I’m so thankful for…

1. Bryan. We will forever count this as a landmark in our relationship. One where we promised to enter in on a new journey together. 

2. My Family. Wow, how they always support me in everything I do. I don’t know anyone better than my Mom at listening and encouragement. Steph and Summer have already joined Pinterest to help me start wedding planning. And, Dad? Well, Dad just loves. 

3. Nana. She’s strong.
Papa. No one can compete with him for fixing cars or carving turkeys.

4. The Family. Those ones who celebrate with you through every season. Who are eager to help. Who don’t abandon you when the coffee isn’t enough to keep you up and so you must resort to looking through wedding websites while at last sitting in the same room. 

5. Madie. My puppy!

6. Speech-Pathology. And learning. And reading and writing and researching.

7. Reading. That others can read. And that I can read. I’ll always find reading magical.

8. Chapel Hill. Oh, for places that are dear to your heart. Full of memories.

9. Fosters. For a job with good food, good managers and co-workers who double as friends. 

10. Crunchy Leaves. Yep, it’s fall. 

11. Mrs. Phillips. Hi, to my piano teacher and one of the wisest women I know. For the record, I want to be you when I grow up. I know you’re reading this!

12. This recipe. Vanilla sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, oh, my goodness.  

13. Coffee. For caffeine — and for sharing in the early mornings with Mom and Dad.

14. The people I encounter daily. Every one of them. I’m sentimental in that I love learning about people through daily life. Friends, family, girls from my program, cashiers who share anecdotes. 

15. This season in my life. I’m trying. If I complain otherwise, please set me straight. I’m not going to lie and say it’s not frustrating or nervewracking or overwhelming. But what an expectant season I’ll only experience once!

16. Sweaters. Always sweaters. And headbands (I’m not thankful for having to dress up for events or do my hair. I’m working on it). 

17. Health. Mine and those close to me. I’m thankful I can Run. How thankful!

18. Handwritten Notes. 

19. Free Time. So many do not have this luxurious blessing. But really. 

20. The Future. There is so much that lies ahead.

I can only hope to prepare for it with Bible in hand, eyes looking upward, hands clasped tightly to loved ones, walking forward to every next step in life.

I hope you all were able to sit down and think intentionally about what you’re thankful for. If not, you can do belated thanksgiving like me! I’d recommend it.

Now, if you’ll just excuse me.

I think I’ll scoop out some leftover vanilla sweet potatoes and squeeze out every ounce of my free time with family before studying and reading and researching…



One thought on “Thankful 2012.

  1. Now, after a very long rehearsal today, (9-2) what makes you think that I would sit down to this brain-taxing little gizmo?? Of course, I did! and….copied the vanilla sweet potatoes to try later. I’ll not mention the text, but I will get out my copy of

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