“blah blah blah inheritance, blahaala blah.”
– Bryan talking to me about property law.

“Cranial Nerve lka lkajkj;ljawoin voealfj lkajef paowijef…”
– What Bryan understands about neuroanatomy.

Woe to couples who study such disparate topics.

Bryan has an upcoming Property exam & I have one on NeuroAnatomy. Last night we traded off explaining some of the more difficult concepts to each other. As Bryan was right in the middle of explaining  about…uh…landlord property suing…things, I found myself retreating to my familiar cerebellum drawings. Whoops!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m open to learning about law. I think law is fascinating! And useful.

But (alas!), my brain is currently occupied with Speech Pathology study materials. I have two exams this coming week which I want to do well on. Bryan has Property on Wednesday.

And so we are left with just talking past each other. Although, we both agreed, it’s the talking aloud, not the listening that helps when we’re studying together.

Other Notes:
&- I registered for this crazy race today. BUT, there’s no way I’m eating all 12 doughnuts.
&- Bryan and I visited a potential wedding venue yesterday (that was exciting!!). That’s all I’m saying, though, because I’m determined to be studying for exams and not wedding planning.
&- Such a gorgeous winter-fall day (Happy Dec 1)!
&- Continued prayers for Nana & Papa back home.



2 thoughts on “Blahbity-Law-Blah

  1. I know what you mean by verbal expression..I share my teaching on Daniel
    to the wall in front of my desk. Larry just shuts doors and continues his
    cabinets on the lower level. I suggest STRONG ear plugs and continue
    sharing aloud!! Aloud is still the best way…Love you both..Mrs. P.

  2. I am SO excited that you will soon be entering into marriage! I still believe you to be one of the most beautiful (inside and out) women I know. Marriage is marvelous. With that said, indulge yourself in some blissful anticipatory wedding moments as much as possible between study sessions. Engagement is a wonderful season of life and you should savor every second of it!

    Much love…

    -Kim Keith

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