Happy 25th!

Photo by Emily March Photography (www.emilymarchblog.com)

To Mom & Dad on your 25th Anniversary:

Happy Day! You’ve spent a quarter of a century together (longer, obviously, than I have been in existence). Seeing as how I’m about to enter into marriage within the next year, I hope you know that a majority of my theories on successful relationships comes straight from you two.

Thank you for:
& – exemplifying reciprocal forgiveness + love + humility to each other.
& – reminding me that no relationship is perfect — but that that’s okay!
& – supporting us (your girls0 in everything we dream up.
& – disciplining and then cuddling.
& – reading aloud to itty bitty first-born baby me.
& – always being honest. About everything.
& – acting as a ‘team’ — and never making your daughters pick sides.
& – loving God together.
& – demonstrating the freedom produced from complete trust + loyalty within a relationship.

Every year I grow more cognizant of how blessed I am to call you two ‘my parents.’
Happy 25 Years of Being Married!

Your itty bitty baby Shannon.


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