Why I don’t read…

…on family vacations.

Does this seem a bit silly to you?

Do you think I’m making excuses for not meeting the book goals I set for myself below?

Perhaps I am — you’re welcome to think this.

But actually I’ve just experienced the difficulty of balancing the quiet loneliness reading requires with the extroversion, talking, constant movement my family demands.

When I’m with their chatter and action, I feel guilty locking myself in my room with a book. It’s not because they guilt me into feeling that way, nor is it because I’m afraid of missing out on something important; it’s mainly because of how much I’ve come to appreciate quality time. Quality time with your family is not frequent when you live two and a half hours from your loved ones — especially when you won’t share a last name with them come August 2013. And so, I must say, quality time with my family has trumped reading this holiday season.

That’s not to say I haven’t been reading, of course. Nor is that to say that I don’t possess books I dearly want to read (I do!). That’s just to say I’m choosing to read less than my voracious reader alter-ego would prefer.

And that’d be quite a bit (trust me, I averaged about 3-books a week in high school).

But I don’t regret it one bit.

Anyway, just wanted to share this revelation with the blog — although I also realize sitting down to write this takes some intentional alone time as well! I’m such an introvert.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m looking forward to the New Year —  to making New Year’s Resolutions, enjoying my home in Huntersville and reuniting with Bryan.

xo from Hilton Head,


One thought on “Why I don’t read…

  1. Bravo for you!! Reading time is later, not your time with family. Wise choice,
    dear friend! Enjoy rour family and friends NOW. Ps…I simply loved the
    Christmas card. Tell everyone Hi for me….Love you’ll.

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