2013 Goals and Resolutions

I blinked; the second day of 2013 is over.

…and I’ve just now put together my resolutions!

I love making goals — my family will attest to this with eye-rolls and groans.

But I have a suspicion that the reason I’ve been slow at gathering my resolutions this year is that 2013 seems intimidating. I mean, after August 10, I’ll be making decisions in a different way; I’ll be sharing a home, income, bed, family, food, and a life with someone! It’s a complete change from everything I’ve become so well-practiced-at — being independent. It’s intimidating to make goals for a period in my life in which I don’t know what to anticipate. I’m exciting and looking forward to it (more to come on that this year, I’m sure), but I’ve realized that listing resolutions for all of 2013 is unrealistic. I’ve decided that after 6 months, when I’m in that new place in my life, I’ll re-evaluate and wipe this 2013 slate clean with new resolutions.

For now, though, I’ve torn a page from my friend Alli’s textbook (ha, she’s a Bio teacher) and distinguished between resolutions and goals.

A goal: a measurable change; something you work to accomplish to its termination point – a measurable ‘completion.’
Example: read 15 books in 2013.

A resolution: a life-change — not something you decide sounds like a good thing on Dec 31. Resolutions deserve a lot more thought and future planning. My resolutions will be in effect just until August – then I’ll take a step back to re-evaluate.

2013 Goals

& – Run back up to 10 miles
(run the 5-mile Krispy Kreme Challenge and the Tar Heel 10-Miler! I’ve been in a 3-mile rut for a while now).
& – Finish reading my New Testament Plan
(this was my goal from last year: I slacked off when classes started. Mom’s picking back up with me).
& – Cross off the remaining items on Bryan and my List of Intentionality

2013 Resolutions

& – Establish a morning routine
(Bible + Coffee before the scheduled day begins. This semester I have to be out the door by 7:30am! Quite a change from last semester when my earliest class started at 9:30am…)
& – Practice smart money habits
(start a savings account for the future, get a credit card, practice wise spending)
& – Prepare for a marriage
(active prayer, discussions with Bryan, counseling, heart changes, humility)
& – Plan a wedding with JOY and GRACE

(one of the greatest struggles of my independent, introverted, stubborn self)
(Mom mentioned this on our run today. So many things are changing in my life this year already without new goals – why impose changes just for the sake of checking them off a list? In 2013, I’ll plan a wedding, I’ll finish my first year of grad school, I’ll taste my future career as a speech-pathologist via part-time and full-time internships, and I’ll get married (and little things like decorate which I’m terrible at and totally dreading!). The key, I think, is going to be to not set lofty unrelated goals — let’s face it, they probably won’t get done anyway — I want to live life in the present, focused and pursuing God’s will and appreciating friends, family, classmates, whatever may come in this stage of life.)


(I think this will be my hardest resolution to remember yet. You’ll have to keep keeping me present).

What are your goals or resolutions for 2013?

Or, are you simplifiers out there smarter than me and already saying, “I’ll just work on being more kind to myself”? (talking to you here, Mom)!


3 thoughts on “2013 Goals and Resolutions

  1. This will take longer to mull, formulate, and be honest in it all. It’s obvious you
    have given this careful thought. I on the other hand am still nursing numerous marks from my (benji) attack…more later..Also, Romper fled from
    accidentally getting into the garage, and me coming in w/ the car plus the
    awful sound of the garage opener. gone 4 days..scared to death, in rain and 20 degree temp. Having NEVER been out of the house, even w/ lights
    left on, screen door left open, we were doubtful. We were told to put 1 of his
    blankets in the front yard because he could pick up his own scent..PTL! in
    24 hours, he was back in his bed on the porch. (whew). To top it all, Dr. found a malignant melomana on Larry’s back. Cancer surgery on 7th at Levine Cancer Institute, Char…God is in charge…”our sitting down and rising” and, Tis so sweet to trust in Him…Can I get an Amen on that?! You
    and Bryan are loved dearly…will get back later…right now, I’m going down and teach 5 lessons. And by the way, I did NOT see on that list of yours
    that you were going to try and find some “practice time” Ahem…ahem…

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