Making Space and Re-Assessing

“Most good things happen without a plan: friendships, falling in love, finding a job, and so on. If you want to make your new year count, you’ll need to be intentional — not by setting goals, but by making space in your life for what really matters.” 
 – Jeff Goins
I read somewhere that the best way to accomplish goals is to continually be evaluating your progress. And while re-evaluating, to reassess the motivations behind the goal, what you originally set out to accomplish through that goal and how you can continue along that path with the greatest success.
After 2 weeks of New Year’s Resolutions, I present you with a re-evaluation and life updates.
(sorry I’ve been so behind on this blogging thing!)

New Year’s Successes:

& – Establish a morning routine
(Check for: waking early — so motivated by the early quiet. But, I haven’t made it purposeful yet).

& – Prepare for a marriage
(Bryan and I got assigned our mentor couple from church — but have yet to meet with them!)

& – Run back up to 10 miles
(Check for: running regularly — but not near back to 10 miles. I’m about a 4-miler these days! Working up).

New Year’s Failures:

& – Establish a morning routine
(make it purposeful. read the New Testament).
& – Finish reading my New Testament Plan
(have only gotten through Philemon so far – working on it!)
& – Cross off the remaining items on Bryan and my List of Intentionality
(re-assessed: we are going to Raleigh to visit Scott soon!
& – Plan a wedding with JOY and GRACE
(this is STILL one of the greatest struggles of my independent, introverted, stubborn self. I confess I even snickered at two gushing girls this morning — one who had just gotten engaged this weekend and already had a venue set and a notebook of vendors she was emailing!)
(WHO AM I? Why is this planning thing so underwelming??)
& – Practice smart money habits
(need to get a CREDIT CARD!)

Short Anecdotes of Life:

& – I Scraped My Knees: Yesterday, Bryan and I were running through Roy Williams’ neighborhood (Glen Lennox is right next door, no joke), and as I was chatting about some unimportant life detail, I tripped over an uneven piece of sidewalk (Bryan says I might be able to sue – ha…). I bruised one knee, scraped up the other and ripped a hole in one of my favorite running tights. Alas. My clumsy life.
& – Orange County School Placement: I’ve started my practicum placement this semester, assessing kids who need disabilities services at the preschool and elementary school levels. The Speech-Language Pathologist I’ve been working with is so great at explaining everything to me as it happens. I love it. I will say that I’m continually overwhelmed at the number of parents who are unaware of their child’s needs.
& – I Made Vegetarian Lasagna: Emily and I hosted a wonderfully refreshing (and much needed) friend reunion dinner at her well-decorated apartment on Friday and I made this amazing recipe from my Chicago friend, Susan. I highly-recommend it!! (

One thought on “Making Space and Re-Assessing

  1. My Dear One…Sutrly you have learned that The best laid plans of Mice and Men….so don’t worry. Outline a month…Divide list into 4 wks or whatever…then on the M,T,W,Th.,F,’n Sat., see what you cked off each day, be thankful that ALL the things you forgot to list allowed you to ck off at least half of your items! Thank your Heavenly Father for His gracious smile of understanding, and enjoy those really precious people..including your school assignments that are in your life, hug Bryan, and be thou content!!
    Love you dearly.

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