It’s 9:01. I’ve finished my make-up, done my hair, and packed up everything I need for the day. But I feel so behind. I grab my lunch items, stuff a few things from the floor into my dirty clothes. And, run to the bus stop.

Only to start walking halfway there when I remember my bus doesn’t come until 9:11.

I’m a little under 10 minutes early.

Impatience is my fatal flaw. I love efficiency and hate dawdlers (page 2).

My life is defined by this expeditious attitude.

It manifests in other ways than morning rushing:

– My “on a mission” attitude when I go shopping

– My tendency to leave makeup half-done or hair half-done (why is looking at a mirror even necessary?)

– My furious mind thinking, thinking during “relaxation pose” (a pose in Yoga where you lay on the floor and ‘meditate’)

most notable recently

– My frustration with wedding planning.


Wedding planning seems to be all about taking your time with little details. Do you like dendrobiums or garden roses or hydrangeas…? Do you prefer light blue, robin’s egg blue or peacock blue? Make sure you have directions printed out for all your guests from every direction. Don’t forget wedding favors.


For my restless personality, I’ve found this level of detail tiresome.
And annoying.

**I want to be sure I temper this rant with the caveat that I’m absolutely THRILLED about getting married. In the Blue Zone. In Chapel Hill. With my closest friends. Celebrating. Going on the honeymoon. But my priorities are making sure that God’s role in Bryan and my relationship is recognized and that the important people in our life are recognized (parents, wedding party members, mentors in Bryan and my life, etc). That’s my only wedding priority.

If you quiz me more closely about details, I’m likely to roll my eyes and sigh. I’ll probably make up a preference. But, you see, I don’t really care about the flower details. Or the color details. Or the food details. Or the tuxedos/suits. Sure, I can have an opinion if you want me to.


Sorting through those details is time-consuming when they hold no meaning to you.

My impatience in this regard is particularly highlighted by the general spread of ‘girl knowledge’ and curiosity of ‘important wedding details.’ I pray not to offend. I think the details make the wedding beautiful, for sure.

But I know nothing about them. And don’t really care to know a whole lot.

So, for now, I’m trying to figure out how to temper my impatience.

I probably also shouldn’t be writing about this.

But…I’m impatient.

So I can’t help it. Forgive me?


3 thoughts on “Impatience.

  1. Impatience!!! Thought you were talking about ME . Remember this, “patience
    is a virtue, catch her if you can, seldom found in a woman, but never in a man.” HOPE this little Quote will always be a reminder that GOD has the
    perfect plan for YOU & BRYAN. LOVE, PAPA SPAIN

  2. Bless your heart…I think it best to purchase a good Weddimg Planning Book, and then slowly go through it carefully andmark through what you and Bryan would like to include in YOUR plans….then mark through ALL THE REST. Don’t go back! Don’t be wishy-washy and change anything. Now, ask the Father to give you peace with your choices. It HAS to be fun and not mind boggling. You’re going to do fine.
    Lovingly, Ms. Dot

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