The Things Unseen

“It is so difficult to explain things to you, small one. And I know that it is not just because you are a child … [but] good helps us, the stars help us, perhaps what you would call light helps us, love helps us.

“Oh, my child I cannot explain!

This is something you just have to know or not know.”

– Aunt Beast, A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle)

I just finished A Wrinkle in TimeEveryone seemed puzzled why I’d never read the book for class before.

But, I never have. And I can’t imagine a public elementary school allowing this book to be a incorporated into their curriculum; it is sprinkled with undeniable Biblical references – including a most fascinating scene wherein 2 protagonists are transported to a grey/bleak/unremarkable alternate universe. The “beasts” who inhabit this planet cannot see. This makes for a number of frustrating attempts at communication between the two parties (see the quote above).

But how I’d recommend this book!

How refreshing to read a book for pure pleasure again! A Wrinkle in Time incorporates a variety of genres (adventure, suspense, supernatural power, etc) with a simple but greater storyline about a power beyond. If we face the truth, as Christians, we believe in something supernatural – a thing that is beyond sensing and fully knowing in our limited world. And this book helps put the POWER of God in a different perspective.

I’m on to reading the second book in the series (I believe there are 5 in total?). I love that these children’s books make me think – and that they bring my attention back to the “big things” that are important (love, faith, family, loyalty).

SPRING BREAK is passing much too quickly!


One thought on “The Things Unseen

  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of that “too quickly passing Spring break” with me.
    Next time we’ll do it over lunch. Love you muchly.

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