Three Anecdotes

1. Answers to Wedding Planning Questions:
Yes, I’m excited.

It’ll be lovely. It’s good.

I love our friends. They are the best/amazing/beautiful.

Details? Ummmmm, uh… PRETTY STUFF!



2. On Not Eating: Mom and I fasted Friday evening to Sunday morning to mark Christ’s death and resurrection. It was definitely an act which kept the holy day first on my mind. But it taught me something else.

I realized we don’t need as much food as we always “feel hungry for.” Now, take note that I drank 2.5 servings of Gatorade for that whole day – and that includes lots of sugar – but I neither of us felt hungry during the daylight hours. But that didn’t stop me from reflexively reaching for something to snack on. I would instead pick up a glass of water or gatorade. But, the desire to eat is just so innate. It’s social. It’s self-soothing.

I’m now aware of how little I “Need” food daily. Not that I’m going to start a daily ritual fast or anything. But Saturday was a good reminder to think before eating.

3. On Being Snuffy: I currently sound like a snuffaluphagus. And that is the best way I can put it.

On the bus.

In class.

In bed at night.

I apologize to classmates, roommates and those standing behind me in line for coffee. I’m trying. I’m taking medicine but Mr. snuffy nose is resilient. He’s not unbearable, but I do hope it’s not allergies.


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