Updates (4.30.13)

Whenever I think of Nana, I also remember what few updates I’ve put on here recently. She’s always been my most eager reader. I love that she found joy in the mundane. Probably because she prayed for the day-to-day of my life. And I’m thankful for that.

And so, in honor of Nana, I actually do have quite a few new updates:

1. I finished my Tar Heel 10-Miler goal.  Last Saturday such a lovely day for it – no rain but not too much sun and I got to run it with Alli and Emily. Then, Bryan found me at mile 9 to truck up the big (~1 mile) hill! Steep incline, let me tell you. The moment I saw him I was ready to stop. I even told him that, but Bryan was my encourager and pushed me to finish the whole race without stopping.



2. My childhood friend, Emily, got married the same day as the 10-Miler. It’s crazy, but the 3 of us – Emily, Emily, and I (Yes, I know a LOT of Emilys) – who used to do Bible Study together (below) are all getting married this year! Who would have ever thought?


3. Bryan and I signed a lease for an apartment next year. I am head over heels for it. It’s close to campus, with gorgeous beautiful windows, hardwood floors, a cozy kitchen and (although inoperable) a fireplace! Oh, and a gorgeous study room. How did we find it? Impulse – or the guidance of God. I’d gone for runs past this place all summer last year and remembered that it was for rent last year. I took Bryan by it – just to see – and the perfect apartment was available. Here’s some photos from the current tenant’s decorations.



Can’t wait to have you all over for dinner next year. : )

4. I’m starting to stress less about wedding planning. Just going to plan the big things and let the details fall where they may. I don’t like details. There’s all this pressure for “personalization,” but I don’t even like trinkets and decorations. They are stressful. And since I don’t like those things, I won’t want them at my wedding, right? Right. Cool.

That’s all for now – we are immersed in exam season right now. Bryan is rocking them. He has only one left. I have 3! One tomorrow and 2 take-homes. Updates again soon, I promise.


4 thoughts on “Updates (4.30.13)

  1. Thanks for the update. Keep them coming. Also praying for you and Bryan as you finish up your exams/papers! Best Wishes! Love you, Dad.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the pics…AND…SMILES.. That tells us all that stress is NOT 24/7. :) Praying for you both!,,,and I think the apt. is super-cool. Love you’ll much. Ms P

  3. Dear Shannon,
    I’m not sure if you know this, but I avidly follow this blog of yours! This is how I stay connected to you, my friend. Since I am terrible at follow-up, I use these updates, these posts that you put up as a way for me to picture your life while you are yonder. I wish I could tell you how much I miss you-I hate that we aren’t closer in proximity. I would love to help you tackle those menacing ( and oftentimes meaningless-you’re better off without them ;)) details of the wedding and putting together boxes for your super cute new place. *Sigh* Maybe one day, dear, we will be reunited for a good LONG time of catching up and spilling of life’s little twists and turns. Love you with all my heart, sweet friend!

    1. Whenever you write, I always know you mean what you say with all your heart. I DO want a good catch-up. We aren’t too far away but this time of life seems to be full of twists and turns and corners and surprises – in good ways! But makes it difficult to schedule catching-up for sure. I’m so glad you read it to keep abreast of my life! I try to use it for that!!

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