Updates (5.29.13).

It’s been a while again.

Which is embarrassing because I haven’t been busy like I was during the school year. The summertime is always a different kind of busy: reading, relaxing, thinking, running. This week has me back into a routine: I started my practicum placement at CASTLE Preschool yesterday. I didn’t sleep at all the night before. 2am found me wide awake and I commenced tossing and turning and silently begging my body to sleep  until 5am. It was very strange. I can’t help but guess that I was just anxious to start working at the place I’ve dreamed of since undergrad.

I’ll save a post just for CASTLE coming up soon. I do love the kiddos so!

Other life updates:

& Bryan started work (real work! real, paid law work! Yay!) in Greensboro. When I visited last week, he treated me to Crafted! (now my favorite taco place).

& Grandma Shirley and Papa are all moved out and into their cute new place in NC – all the way from CA. Whoohoo!!

& My wedding dress came in. Now in the alterations process (not posting pics from that, though! Sorry.)

& Wedding invitations have been addressed and sent out (phew!).

& New Bern. Bryan and I celebrated his roommate John and Kerry Anne at their gorgeous wedding in Eastern NC last weekend. I’m so beginning to notice and treasure all the wedding details. Funny how you have a different perspective when your own is only two months out.

& Engagement photos have been taken. After a decision by Bryan and myself – based on our natural photo-phobias (no, really) – the great Sarah Der took us to her favorite field in Chapel Hill. I couldn’t help but feel fake and posed and stiff at turns. Bryan and I agree this was a good decision because I so trust Sarah’s skills. She is amazing. I can’t wait to see them!

& Engagement Celebration! Bryan’s family friends the Millers hosted such a fun party for us at their house on Sunday. I got to practice my drinking and socializing skills. These are not things I come by naturally! : ) But it’s hard not to enjoy it when all your favorite people come to see you – and your family stays in town. We got some lovely pictures outside.


One thought on “Updates (5.29.13).

  1. It’s so neat following all that’s happening with you now. I can’t wait to see the
    invitation…I’ll begin to watch the mail I a week or two..:)We’re just praying for ALL the celebrations etc. Stay close to your Father…The peace and joy will keep your praise and thankfulness toward Him. Love you much.

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