Life Lately (7.11.13).

I’ve tried to start this post at least five times over the past month and a half.

But I’d either catch myself complaining about something wedding-related (this is not atypical), making a list of “how awesome my life is recently” or I’d just get interrupted by daily life (social events, travel, practicum, cooking/cleaning).

And so, I’m making myself sit down and just right something. Starting with, some updates about life lately.

– Wedding Planning. *deep sigh* I’m not going to complain, but I will imply that Pinterest can be evil. I do not like these things: table linens, balloons, crafty DIY projects, female hair decisions, and table centerpieces. I will say my favorite part(s) of planning have been thinking about our ceremony (picking our scripture, reading over the homily, meeting with our pastor), going to marriage counseling together, organizing our apartment, and dreaming about our honeymoon. But, I do know I’m glad we’ll be celebrating in Chapel Hill. I do so love this place.

– My Family. They have been wonderful! They keep encouraging me, asking me my opinions, offering to come up and help me clean, putting together my wedding favors. My mom and my sister are saints. And, they do often make me feel like a princess. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to feel like during wedding planning? I think I’ve heard that…? ;)

– New Apartment Organization. I’m filling everything in as it comes. Some wedding presents appear in the mail weekly and the apartment that was bare is now seeming “homey” with gorgeous vases, placemats, mixing bowls and etc. Can’t wait for Bryan to be here!

– Practicum. This is my daily life (M-F, 8-3p). I love everything that I’m learning. It’s a little slower than your normal practicum, but my eyes aren’t leaking, I’m feeling confident about leading therapy sessions, I love my supervisor and I love the kiddos we work with. Miracles (see link below about the first pediatric Auditory Brainstem Implant)!

– My hair is much too long. I can’t cut it because I want that “wedding do” to turn out just-so. But as it is, I keep wearing it in one long braid. I’m more than ready for a good cut!

And, finally, some beautiful things I’d recommend reading:

PS: Today means it’s officially less than 1 month to the wedding! I haven’t been marking the months-to-go anniversaries for our wedding this year, but I think this one marker is significant: 4 weeks and then my name will change. I’ll have a new life partner, someone whom “I promise to never leave.” In 50 years, there will be at least one person in my future. It’s life-changing.

Speaking of, I’d highly recommend Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas – it’s humbling and made me realize marriage will be hard. But I feel prepared.


One thought on “Life Lately (7.11.13).

  1. i am so excited for you and your wedding! i do agree… reception planning is the pits. you want it all to be just so, and yet you don’t want to care all at the same time. all my best to you shannon

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