Less than 20 days

I followed Rosemary, then Franklin, then Cameron, then South – and before I knew where I was headed, my run ended rather abruptly at the front doors to The Blue Zone.

The spread of the club level was eerily empty yet somehow seemed full when I closed my eyes; I could feel the details we’ve planned, the laughter and joy of our friends and family. The sunshine slanting through the West-facing windows took my breath away; I wish I’d had a camera with me.

But I never run with my phone.
And, in retrospect, it was better that I didn’t have one.

I’m sure I’d have been too busy Instagram-ing and ##hashtagging to contemplate the deep mix of gratitude and humility and bittersweet it’s-so-soon anticipation that welled up inside of me. I’m not sure I can pinpoint the emotion. It was a little of everything. Although I felt at peace, I felt confused; it was like I wanted to cry, like I wanted to kneel and pray, like I wanted to dance and yell and scream.

But, impossibly, all at the same time.

Covered in an icky sweat from my humid run, I spent twenty minutes in thought and prayer and gratitude in this ballroom that is now so symbolic to me; that prayer is the most refreshing thing I’ve done in a while.

The Blue Zone is the site where Bryan and I will be introduced, share a first dance, socialize, and (at last!) drive away “married.” Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. That word echoes when you say it – have you noticed this?

I still remember when the “Blue Zone” consisted of an eyesore crane in the distance

And now I will celebrate my marriage here.

I’ve felt so rejuvenated tonight, I just realized my towels are forlornly still in the dryer (ah, well, that’s for tomorrow’s list!).

I hope and pray that our wedding reflects Bryan and my covenant to each other, to serving each other in the Gospel, and to joyfully (oh, so joyfully) celebrating the things we have in common (a dear alma mater).

We are less than a month, less than 3 weeks, less than 20 days away (!!!),


2 thoughts on “Less than 20 days

  1. Dear One…your lives WILL reflect your lives together in your walk with Christ. He will shine through each of you separately, AND your marriage as you’ll grow together and also with the Lord. Don’t try to figure out how, just live joyfully together in marriage and in HIM. Loving you much!

  2. This post is so happy. I’m so thrilled for you friend, and for the life you and Bryan will share together. It’s so fitting that you will have your wedding reception in the Blue Zone… so reflective of many things about you and Bryan and your relationship together. I love you and am so excited for you, dear friend! <3

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