On Marriage (the first 2 weeks)

On a boat – with St. Lucia’s Pitons in the background.

Bryan and I arrived home on Wednesday at 12am. Our layover in Miami was a nightmare (seriously unorganized chaos), and our plane didn’t land until 11:30pm. We luckily found our luggage, caught a mysterious-looking taxi driver and rode home mostly in silence. That day was exhausting.

But the thing we both said when we walked into our apartment (which, by the way, was oh-so-festively decorated in Carolina streamers and balloons thanks to my amazing bridesmaids): “This is nice.”

And, it is. Yes, the grand ‘ole St. Lucia honeymoon is over and it was wonderful in its own ways (relaxation, sunshine, food and food and food), but I’m glad to be here.

In Chapel Hill.


It’s so nice to spend the last few minutes together before sleep overcomes you – in the same bed. Apparently, I giggle a lot before sleep. For the first time, I have someone next to me who appreciates my silliness.

It’s so nice to have someone who motivates you to get out of bed (this is my job currently) and drinks coffee with you (this is Bryan’s job).

It’s so nice to share life – planning our week together, planning dinners of hospitality with friends.

It’s nice to share funds (obvs).

It’s nice to share the small joys. Married life has magnified these small joys in small ways – like the knowledge that we are both sharing all our meals together. That means somehow someone will find food at some time, right?

And reading side-by-side in undisturbed, unawkward silence.
(Are you laughing at my idea of romance?? Alas. I LOVE IT.)

It’s just better to be present and back in the real world. The honeymoon was all I ever thought it would be (really). But it didn’t quite satisfy me; it’s not the married life I pictured. This current life, the banter in forever-long airport terminals, the debate of which groceries to purchase, the discussions of weird stomach rumblings, the worrying about laundry and finances together and, of course, the toughing our way through school work together. This is the (yes, unglamorous) married life I pictured.

It’s nice so far.

To be fair, here’s a list of things I’m not looking forward to about marriage:

Decorating this homeYIKES. And organizing! Who has time for that stuff? 

Sharing bathroom spaceI didn’t fully realize the number of toiletry supplies I kept in there til now. 

– Busy, busy, busy-ness – We both missed important school things (me: first day of classes and B: Law Review orientation); so now we are playing catch-up as school starts back.

– Double the cleaning, laundry, cooking, trash.It’s just MORE than when you’re by yourself!


4 thoughts on “On Marriage (the first 2 weeks)

  1. Ahh…I think back 50+ years…walking into our 1st home (small apartment…I mean REAL small) and saying..”We’re home.” Cooking, sometimes it turned out right, and sometimes…:( It was sweet but sweet deepens and grows….maybe as we spend time with our Lord and the intimate closeness we experience, THIS is much like your married lives will be. Selah
    Love you both.

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