Confession List (10.5.13)

Some recent iPhone photos and some confessions:

Military game day with parachuters
24th Birthday Cupcakes
Speech friends.
Law School friends.

After my blogging hiatus, I must confess a few things:

1. This hiatus was not due to a lack of things to blog or talk about – mainly just to the lack of energy to sit down and decompress / process it all.

Confession: I’m not a very good blogger.

2. I love new adventures, but I get nervous. Bryan’s made a recent decision to work for a DC law firm this summer, which is something I radically, excitedly encouraged. We love DC! We love the National Mall! We love traveling together! But then days like today I wake up second-guessing: “Was that really the right decision? Did I sway Bryan too much toward DC? What if we regret it? What if want to be in Charlotte instead…”

So, confession: some days I’m scared of new adventures.

3.  I used to be a wedding grinch (*grumble*grumble* what’s this registry thing? *grumble*grumble* I hate decorations. *grumble*grumble* why do you have to dress up?) While I still have no actual patience for Pinterest decorations or fancy hair-dos, I enjoy appreciating others’ beautiful endeavors. My changed opinion on weddings comes from my own experience – or, maybe it also comes from growing up…! Regardless, the covenant made at the altar is beautiful, the family coming together is beautiful – and the following celebration is absolutely joyous. I have three friends’ weddings over the next three weeks – starting today. Guess what? I’m SUPER PUMPED.

Confession: I now love weddings.

4. I am reading slowly, so slowly. My reading of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is crawling along. Literally, snails pace here. The book itself is packed with beautiful prose in lieu of actual plot. I’m used to finishing a book in a weekend’s time. These past months I’ve just found myself doing laundry, cooking food instead.

Confession: Reading skills are sub-par these days

5. September 10 came and went. It was our one-month anniversary but neither Bryan nor I remembered til late that night. Still not sure why that was – probably because we are both too practical and celebrate marriage daily  – rather than pining and counting the days to a “milestone.”  I’m not at all sad about it – just confessing. We are abnormal.

Confession: We forget to celebrate our one-month anniversary…

6. I ate an entire box of Macaroni and Cheese while I writing this.

Confession: It was amazing.


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