Weddings, Careers, and Fall Soup!

I’ve attempted a number of times to sum up Bryan and my lives in the past – what is it now? – 3 weeks.

Bullet points are going to get me through these updates.
It has been a whirlwind!

– In the past 4 weeks, we’ve attended THREE weddings. No weddings for us this weekend, so we are planning to relax.

photo 1
Bryan was a groomsmen in a Texas wedding. Here he’s looking snazzy.
photo 2
Texas countryside – breathtaking in its own way.
photo 3
Loved the String Quartet at the wedding.
photo 4
Bryan, Me, JD.

– Last weekend I visited DC for a Cochlear Implant Conference (where I was in awe of surgeons, researchers and oustanding SLPs) – Oh, and drank quarts of coffee to get me through sitting all day. Kelsey, my former roommate, and her husband Alex were kind enough to put me up in their adorable studio apartment for he weekend. I highly recommend their generous, welcoming hospitality (and cooking prowess) if you’re in the area!

– While in DC, I toured The River School – a private school which emphasizes integration for children with hearing losses/cochlear implants. They employ 1 SLP and 1 Masters-level educator per classroom. As I told Bryan, if they tell me to jump, I’d jump. They have such a beautiful model of instruction and integration here. I plan to keep in touch with the director.

photo 5
Ah. Dream school near The Cathedral in DC.

– Last night, I used my immersion blender for the FIRST TIME to make Smitten Kitchen’s butternut squash soup. It was in honor of my dear friend, Kiri, who gave me the immersion blender and who first introduced me to butternut squash soup.

– Finally, I’ve been contemplating the following:

  • Nana – her birthday was October 25.
  • Running again – I’ve been on a busy-ness hiatus. Also a laziness hiatus (if we’re being honest here).
  • Cultivating pen pals – there is nothing as cathartic as handwritten letters from – and to – friends who are long-distance. I’ve been continuing the tradition. PS – if any of you want to be my pen pal, send me a letter and I’ll write within the week!
  • Decorating – I love our cozy little home, but I think I’m about done decorating for the year – or next 2 years. It makes me so tired to think about home-aesthetic details. That said, I do not feel that way about kitchen decor. Alternately, if you buy me something that can be used for home decor, I WILL USE IT! AND LOVE IT! I just don’t like finding it myself.
  • Careers – The Cochlear Implant conference made me realize how many smart, strong women (wives! mothers!) are leaders in auditory verbal therapy and audiology. They inspired me. And led to me considering my own future trajectory. Who do I want to be (in my field)? How hard do I want to strive? Do I want to be a leader in AVT? Is that important to me? To what extent do I want to pursue this “career?” — this is of course not to say I’m not going to passionately pursue my job. I’M THRILLED to be a speech-path. This is a thought for fleshing out in a whole other post. But I’m just putting it out there now because it’s on my mind. 

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