Bald Head && Life


Beautiful Bald Head weather.
Reading on Bald Head. (by Kathryn Wilson)

What can I tell you about life recently?

Well, I can tell you that I seem to keep creating to-do lists. Unending to-do lists.

However, traveling out of town puts to-do lists on hold – which is absolutely lovely. This past weekend I traveled to Bald Head Island (off the coast of NC). I served as part of the childcare team for The CARE Project (click the link for more info). What Johnnie Sexton founded is a wonderful and loving supportive retreat for families of children with hearing loss. He brings them to this beautiful island and hosts them in his and generous neighbors’ houses. I’m thankful I was able to help out – and incidentally also got to meet some of the “giants” in the hearing loss community. I was surprised at how welcomed I felt into their group. It didn’t hurt, of course, that we had beautiful weather – No one got in the ocean, of course. Or that Bald Head Island is an enchanting getaway (no cars allowed – everyone drives around in golf carts). I also got some encouragement and advice for my own future career (!!).

And I met families. Sweet, adorable, crazy families. These families took time away from their busy lives to support their child with a hearing aid and/or cochlear implant. I’ll also admit I hadn’t (still haven’t probably!) fully grasped the emotional burden these families have carried from having a child with a disability. I got to hear families celebrate feeling “normal” after being around other families whose kids wear electronic devices behind their ears.

So, I’m thankful for that.

Recently, though, life has slowed down some and I’m also thankful for that. I had a few classes canceled and B & I are preparing to go home for the Thanksgiving Break.

As always, I need lists in order to fit in all my updates without too many awkward transitions! And so, a few recent updates:

1. David Price is coming to visit CASTLE – my practicum! Also the second Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) recipient from UNC is being seen at CASTLE for therapy. She’s absolutely adorable – and I am learning Cued Speech because of her (similar to Signed Exact English, but actually phonemically (sound) based).

2. 60-degree weather today! Oh, Chapel Hill. One of the reasons I love and hate you. Bryan and I enjoyed a leisurely run this morning. We ended up trekking through the Eve Carson 5K on accident. One of the reasons we love/hate Chapel Hill, you see!

3. I registered to take the PRAXIS. In January (note: I’m taking the speech-pathology specific PRAXIS exam). One half of me thought signing up was SO EXCITING (!!!). Like a grown nearly-working woman! The other half of me is dreading driving to Raleigh to sit in the computer lab where a nearly-always grumpy woman glares at you and watches you on a camera. Yikes. But that said, when I pass that exam I’ll be sosososo close to the finish line of graduation. Wish me luck studying over winter break (worst timing).

4. A visit by Noelle. Bryan and I got to celebrate Noelle turning 22 this morning with a brunch at our apartment. So great to catch up with her and eat yummy food (grits + biscuits + ham!).

And, finally…

5. Bryan and I hate cite check. His membership on Law Review is the reason we are spending Saturday evening in the Law library typing away on our computers.

Although I can’t complain too much because this ‘stuck in the library on my computer’ thing is the sole reason I finally got around to writing this blogpost!


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