I’ll be home for Thanksgiving

Everyone together now! New family.
Everyone together now! New family.

Check it out – a snapshot of what Thanksgiving will look like this year: big and beautiful and autumn-y.

I have a Dysarthria exam at 12:30pm, and then it’s bon voyage to our favorite little town (Chapel Hill). I’m thankful for the welcome I know we’ll get in Charlotte. I’m thankful for peace at home (really a blessing) and for TWO FAMILIES.

I’m looking forward to:

hugging people
enjoying hospitality
eating good food
not getting sleep on Black Friday – a tradition.
making cinnamon-y smelling food items.

washing some clothesyes, we are that poor married couple with a broken washing machine!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope yours is full of food and relaxation.


2 thoughts on “I’ll be home for Thanksgiving

  1. S o good hearing from you’ll again. We will have 20 or so here…4 generations, including the great grandson, an engaged grandson, our young
    Burmese friend and her puppy…plus Gracie, our Min-pin and Romper who
    lives on the back porch!..Whew!! But, God will be here and His Love and blessings continue to fill our lives. So be it with yours!!!

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