The Christmas Grinch

So, hi. It’s me, the Christmas Grinch.

Last week after a long debate and ensuing vote at home about whether our family should put up Christmas decorations while Steph and I were home (I was firmly in the “should not” category), I realized something I don’t often mention: I dislike Christmas decorations. They make me nervous and sweaty and argumentative: putting up Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, wrapping things in paper and ribbon. Bleh! All that stuff has to be thrown away or put up in 30 days … soooo …  putting it out doesn’t seem all that exciting.

I’m constantly reminded of my impending (or already-present?) Grinch-dom via photos on facebook and pinterest and twitter of wreaths and trees and Santas and candy canes and twinkle lights “Christmas is here. yayayay!” etc. Yayayay? Why are we all trying to outdo each other with “holiday spirit” in decorating? Why? Then there’s the frustration of rearranging and redecorating. Home looks great the way it is – and the money: why pay for decorations that are only up one month a year?


Christmas decorating is NOT my favorite. I’m struggling to articulate why exactly that is. I currently own approximately zero Christmas decorations of my own (I hear you calling me the Grinch). But I’m not sad about it. This season still feels like Christmastime to me. I’m thinking about visiting family and getting them gifts and that gets me in the holiday mood. Red? Green? Tinsel? Mistletoe? Those things just don’t do it for me. I’m dreaming about future Christmases baking cookies making fires, reading books, hosting friends, reading Jesus’ birth story, and spending time with family. 

But, not – no, NOT – looking forward to Christmas decorating. I think the main reason is due to my dislike of everything “decorative.”

Funny thing you should ask: I did marry a man who is my complement in most all things.

Bryan has 25 must-watch Christmas movies; he loves ornaments and traditions with meaning and real fir trees and Christmas carols and red and green decorations and YEAH. That’s Bryan.

Soooooo, I will totally let you know this goes!

Also, and I’m just throwing this out there, do you feel as intimidated and underwhelmed/OVERWHELMED by Christmas decorating as I do? 

PLEASE SAY YES! I hate decorating for Christmas.



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