2014 Goals

Saint Lucia beaches – one of my favorite things about 2013!

Last year, my biggest resolution was to be kind to myself through wedding planning and marriage. I’m not always kind to myself – or others – so I was intimidated to evaluate myself on this measure. But, the year wasn’t so bad. Silly enough, what helped me be more forgiving and relaxed were sitcoms (I’ve never watched sitcoms til this year but Bryan introduced me and they’re so mindless and full of laughter) and early evenings in bed together (Going to sleep early doesn’t seem so lame when you’re with someone else!).

In 2014, I’m looking forward to graduation (May), living in DC (May-July), and beginning a real job in (August) – funny how many life changes start in August!

2014 will be busy enough, so I’m planning to become more intentional about the things I already do:

1. Host dinner parties, monthly – one of my favorite things to do with dear friends now that B and I have our own apartment and a baby dining room table!

2. Cook entirely through my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and Shauna Niequist’s Bread & Wine (including the recipe for baking bread – !)

3. Daily Prayer – something I have struggled to do with regularity. This year, I have a new journal, some accountability partners and time set aside in the morning.

4. Running – this is always a New Year’s Resolution, but instead of 10 miles, my 2014 goal is to lace up my tennis shoes and rekindle my love for running in any way possible.

5. Write a letter a week to one of my pen pal friends  

6. Flossing – I used to be so good about this!!

7. Begin logging hours toward the 900 (!) required for LSLS Certification

8. Network with DC SLPs by shadowing and observing this summer

9. Invest more fully in The Summit Church – B and I are undergoing small group leaders’ training in January. Volunteer and Prayerfully consider a church plant in DC.

10. Read these books: 
How Children Succeed by Paul Tough
A Prayer Journal by Flannery O’Connor
Wonder by RJ Palacio
Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning
On Beauty by Zadie Smith
&& 3 books from the LSLS Recommended Reading 


4 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Let’s be flossing accountability partners – so frustrating with the braces! haha love this list – you will do great at accomplishing it!

    1. Ahhh…reading your 2014 goals causes a smile and a sigh…remembering some of my own at your age and thinking those I have NOW at 77. Don’t
      get me wrong! I do still have some…just a bit less strenuous. :) Stay yielded to Him and He will supply the where-withal to accomplish His will AND your goals….well…He might curtail a few somewhat..but ONLY for your good and HIS Glory. Loving you both much. Dot…OK ..Ms. Dot..but
      please, can we skip “Mrs. Phillips”? :) 2014https://shanspain.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/2014-goals/#comment-175

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