6 Months.


Note & Fun Fact: Today is Bryan and my 6-month Anniversary! Although it feels like a long time, when I hear 6 months I remind myself we are still babies … in the married world, that is.

Tonight we are going to dinner on a gift card my parents gave us for Christmas (shoutout Dad! Awesome gift for newlywed life, y’all). We are going out to enact an idea Bryan and I heard: evaluating the “State of Our Union.” By doing this, we’re intentionally addressing:

  1. What have been our marriage’s strengths of the past six months?

  2. ENCOURAGEMENT: What are things that each of you loves and appreciates about the other?

  3. How is your walk with God personally? As a couple? What could be improved?

  4. Where do you see ungodliness in my life?

  5. Are we guarding meaningful time together?   Prayer?   Conversations?   Date Nights?

  6. How is our sex life?

  7. What could I do to make you feel more loved/secure/respected?

  8. How can I serve you better?

  9. What are issues that we need to anticipate in the upcoming six months?

  10. What was your greatest personal disappointment and your greatest satisfaction in the last six months?

  11. How can I best pray for you?

I am NOT posting this to demonstrate how our marriage is better than everyone else’s, but rather to tell you the contrary: we are not perfect. We NEED this. And to encourage you to try it as well. You can always personalize these questions for yourself. 

I love the honesty Bryan and I have cultivated in our relationship and I don’t want to lose sight of that. In light of the divorces we see escalating across the country, and the articles I see around the internet (for example): 

– There is One Divorce Every 13 Seconds (McKinley Irvin)
– Is Equality Ruining Sex in your Marriage? (NY Times)
– Today, We’re More Likely to Commit Adultery (WSJ)

Bryan, I’m so thankful for you! I am blessed by you. Here’s to these months that have been both an eternity and an ephemera – and to the eternity and ephemera that is to come!


One thought on “6 Months.

  1. Hi my Dear Beloved “sister”. The depth of your thinking in. re. married life AND being able to express it so beautifully absolutely stuns me! With a grandson recently married (Jan. 25th) and one of our granddaughters (his sister) marrying in June, I plan to share much of your writing with both couples. You are such a dear….one of a kind…and I bet Bryan already knows that. Love you dearly.

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