Happy 26th, Bryan!

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looking out

The first year Bryan lived in DC, I called him on his 23rd birthday:

“So, where are you going out to celebrate tonight?”

Just home.

Just … at your apartment?

Little did I know, St. Patrick’s Day in DC is the single-most ridiculous holiday. Bryan informed me that all the young people had been at the bar (preferably an Irish pub) drinking steadily since 1 or 2pm that afternoon (!); People take half-days for this thing! Bryan wanted little to do with that crowd by 6pm that evening, so he stayed home with his own beer and studied bracketology. Obviously.

I felt so helpless at the time. I wanted to be there to take him out for cake and beer with non-crazy-drunk people.

But, I was 4 hours away in Chapel Hill. What can you do?

That was the first time I realized the downside to a St. Patrick’s birthday – most people don’t want to celebrate with you, they just want to drink.


Bryan’s 24th birthday, we ate green bagels and ran the DC Half-Marathon.

One of the best!


His 25th birth year, we celebrated being engaged.

And wedding planning. I won’t start…

photo (1)

This year, his 26th, is Bryan’s first birthday as a married man. We are celebrating by looking forward to DC this summer.

I find it rather poetic.

In honor of Bryan Marlowe Weynand (who is, among other things, kind-hearted – generous to a fault – loving – thoughtful/deliberative – serious – confident – loyal beyond explanation – studious – reassuring – FANatic – simple in his own ways) I have created a DC bucket list of our favorite things for this summer (shanspain.wordpress.com/dc-list). Love you, Bryan!:

1. Walk through the National Portrait Gallery.

2. Run a 5k/10k.

3.Visits to our favorite places: Chop’t and Founding Farmers – of course.

4. Create a meal from (mostly/only) Eastern Market goods.

5. See: Jon & Kristy, Kelsey & Alex, Christina & Brian, Cara & Sean, Matt & Ashley.

6. Catch a movie with beer at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House.

7. Run the National Mall out-and-back (4 miles).

8. Bike the Mount Vernon Trail.

9. Go to the Holocaust Museum.

10. Attend a Nationals game.

11. Hipster-watch at Union Market.

12. Walk through the National Mall at night and take pictures with all the monuments.

13. Visit the Shenandoah mountains – and a Virginia winery

14. Visit Politics & Prose and Kramerbooks.

15. Take a night out to Birch & Barley.

16. Get some work done at Del Ray Coffee Bar (by M.E. Swing roasters)

17. Visit a neighborhood we’ve never seen before.

18. Get a reader identification card. Then, read something – anything – in theLibrary of Congress reading room.

19. Visit the US Botanical Garden.

20. Brunch at Ted’s Bulletin – even if we have to wait 1 hr and 45 minutes….

In other news, could Bryan have been born at a better time of year? Selection Sunday is over … let the MADNESS BEGIN!

NCAA trophy


One thought on “Happy 26th, Bryan!

  1. My Precious Young Married Friend…and Dearest Birthday Guy…celebrating
    birthdays is great fun when married! We married in April and Larry celebrated his 25th B/D in December of that year. We were in D.C. ..he was in the Army Band at Belvoir and BUSY!!! We were in a church choir working on a very difficult Cantata in which he had the tenor solos. 350 miles from
    home and I played for the soloists’ practice schedules…BUT celebrating with
    the one you love….Ahh, nothing’s better. Next month, we celebrate our 59th
    anniv…and Ahh! nothing’s better when you are with the one you love. Enjoy!
    Much Much Love. Dot

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