Some Unanswered Questions


My last few posts have been full of serious thought. Sort of heavy; I’m sorry.

I get frustrated investing my time to write about the non-essential, the meaningless: which mascara is my favorite? where do I shop for my clothes? what did I eat for breakfast? how is my earring collection going? (why yes, I do have great patience. Thanks for asking).

I’m not criticizing those who write about makeup/cooking/clothes/ other things. Actually, the opposite. I read those blogs – and I enjoy it. I’m wondering: HOW do they do it?

I don’t want to be such a downer, so serious, all the time. My goal for this post was to be more lighthearted.



But, instead, jewelry and weather and laundry are just not on my mind … what occupies my thoughts are some unanswered questions:

– What does it look like to pray and wait for God’s will, but to also be persistent in asking again and again and again until he answers your request like the persistent widow? [we had a conversation about that this week at small group]

– What does prayer sound like? What does God want us to be saying to him? Should we pray our stream of consciousness? Or should we pray what we know to be right in order to focus our mind on the holy? [JD’s sermon has me thinking about monitoring ourself for genuineness, using caution in repeating common phrases like “be with us,” or “bless our food.”]

–  What do frequent selfies say about the person taking them? Are they self-centered or simply unselfconscious? 

– Can two people remain “in love” only if they also have a desire for a bigger, greater good (ie: loving God)? [thanks to Flannery O’Connor for this one]

– How many meaningful friendships can a person truly, really keep at one time? 

– What can one say in a graduation speech that isn’t trite and overused? Or, conversely, are cliches the point of a graduation speech? [I have to write one for our program but I fear what I want to say will become lost in rote repetition]


One thought on “Some Unanswered Questions

  1. Shannon, Please do not worry over trivial things, such as, nail polish, hair do’s our what to wear. Just be, GOD’s anointed, wife and lady. God knows our down setting and uprising, even our thoughts. (psalms 139 )
    All my LOVE and prayers. PAPA, Spain

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