Overdue Updates (5.14.14)

These past two weeks have been full of transitions – as I’ve mentioned.

So. What happened?

– I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology!

IMG_1682 IMG_1700IMG_1690IMG_1696IMG_1697

– Bryan and I packed up our clothes and toiletries to make room for our subleasers. We are home for a bit before heading up to our summer adventure in DC. Bryan starts work May 19 (!).

– Steph graduated from Furman with her Bachelor’s!


(and … she finished her four years as a Varsity softball athlete … AND got engaged to Jonathon! Isn’t she the cutest?)

steph+jono stephfurman stephfurman2


One thought on “Overdue Updates (5.14.14)

  1. Ah Love…Things are happening so fast I can hardly digest it!!! My speed is slipping but not my love and interest in what’s happening. The pictures are fabulous!!! Thanks heaps! I couldn’t be happier for two people that I love. Gee, I trust I won’t have to drive to D.C. to see you guys. Keep me posted.
    Much Love, Dot

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