Arrival and Observations.

I sit at a gorgeous wood desk with a small window looking out onto Chinatown. I know I’m in the city and it feels good. It feels like adventure at your whim. It feels like I need to get a metro card … oops!

I wanted to write up a few observations.

– Today was Bryan’s first day at work. A paid job! I suit and tie! A ride on the metro to Foggy Bottom! It’s all so adult. And yet still novel, so we were both slightly giddy about the travails of dressing in a suit this morning at 7AM.

– The past two days have been spent exploring our neighborhood. We are only a few blocks from the National Mall (running distance, but also walking distance). We have a neighborhood grocery store – and an adorable Busboys and Poets restaurant which I can’t wait to try when we you come as a guest (YES, you, PLEASE).

– Yesterday Bryan and I both got somewhat agitated. I did because I Googled for what seemed an endless time for that “perfect DC apartment” for the Fall … and, admittedly … that perfect little Australian Shepherd (which I am expressly not allowed to purchase and for which searching online for said perfect dog must only ever end in tears and dissatisfaction. is this an obsession or addiction? it is certainly a gray area … !).

– Today I have no plans. On the potential agenda are checking off a few bucket list items. Namely, visiting and reading in The National Portrait Gallery and attaining a reader identification card from The Library of Congress. I hope to report back with photos.

– I just finished Goldfinch and as with any book I own on my Kindle, it is up for the borrowing. This loaning out policy of the Kindle is the main thing that makes it worth having. Friends in foreign countries or distant states … we can share books like we used to in undergrad!! If you want to know how to make me incandescently happy, say you’ll borrow a book from my Kindle list.

– Now taking any and all book recommendations.



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