Updates (6.15.14)

These are long-overdue, as usual. Today Bryan and I are visiting a church that meets in the evening so we don’t know what to do with ourselves on a Sunday morning. Brunch is the popular activity in DC, but I don’t think we’re hipster enough to face that crowd.

Updates (in sum, we like DC):

– Bryan and I ran in the  ‘Lawyers Have Heart’ 5k/10k yesterday (I did 5k, he 10k). The course featured inspirational views along the way; we followed the Potomac River and around Georgetown. Alas, no pictorial evidence exists of this as I run without electronics…

– We’ve welcomed some lovely DC visitors: Allison && Kiri! (and Audrey comes Monday). genuine absolutely true aside: You, too, are welcome! We weren’t sure if we could host a visitor in our small studio this summer, but we tried and we CAN. See you soon, okay?!

– I went to a ‘cupping’ on Friday which I was initially excited about (a cupping is an event led by coffee roasters and tasters to teach the public about how to taste the subtle differences between coffee beans and blends, etc) … but I failed and humiliated myself miserably. I was not sophisticated enough for these trendsetters.

– I had lunch with a new co-worker (and fellow recent SLP grad). I also met the auditory-verbal therapist/SLP who will be my mentor for AVT/LSLS Certification (working with children with hearing loss). I liked them both a lot. They both have a sense of humor which will be valuable I’m sure. These two meetings also gave me increased motivation to re-read articles from school and prepare for the Fall. I want to be knowledgeable and helpful and prepared.

– Bryan volunteered to help with the unveiling of SpaceX‘s spaceship for citizens when they held their event at the Newseum. I was not invited, so I pouted. Kidding (sort of).

We still have not signed a lease for next year. But we are close, I promise. This is probably the greatest stressor in my life currently: where will we live in the Fall? Figuring out expenses for that is the hold-up. Well, that and thinking about which place could house an Australian Shepherd (kidding again … sort of).

Finally, HAPPY FATHERS DAY from afar to my Dad, Greg Spain – who always loves and supports me, and who will be teaching me how to love a spouse, 3 daughters, and The Lord for the rest of his life.




One thought on “Updates (6.15.14)

  1. Thanks Shannon for your post, and especially for sharing your wonderful thoughts for me on Father’s Day. These pictures you have posted bring back some really special memories for me. Seems like yesterday when I could pick you and Stephanie up and hold you both at the same time. Wow, does time fly. Love you, and thanks for being a wonderfully special daughter. Dad.

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