I Meant to Mention:

First, I need you to be my penpal IMMEDIATELY. My address is:
770 5th St NW (apt 916)
Washington, DC 20001
>>> Alternately, send me your address and I’ll write back IMMEDIATELY. Desperado, here.

Second, I’ve been meaning to link to my SPHS Graduation Speech but keep forgetting (I love our little cohort and miss them already). It’s here if you want to read it.

Third, please come visit!

Fourth, Bryan and I are in the midst of trying to lease an apartment we love (in Northern VA) but it’s been a phone tag battle with the leasing office. I want to write more about the apartments and area we’ll be living in (eee!) but I’ll wait until it’s all confirmed.

Fifth, I’m reading House Girl which sounds like the best plot for a book (for me) but the writing is tangential and a distraction so I’ve put it aside for the moment. Has anyone read this? Is it worth finishing?

FINALLY, I volunteer to walk rescue dogs at a local shelter (City Dogs Rescue). It’s a great little family and quite successful at finding homes (dogs don’t often stay longer than a week). It has satisfied my need for canine interactions. Bryan recently told me I’m obsessed with dogs. Not that you didn’t already know that …


2 thoughts on “I Meant to Mention:

  1. Law, Sweet Friend.. How do you ever have time to read so much!! I do hope you get out of D>C> visit, yes..live, NO! We lived across the river in Alexandria, but everything up there has changed so much. I’m praying for a Va. apt. Stay sweet…be patient….remember Who is leading the way. Love you’ll much. Ms. dot

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