Books as the Gateway to City Nonchalance.


Reading and a cappucino in Arlington.

My new motto is speak softly and carry a big purse (ahem, one with room for a book or two).

As such, I’ve compiled 8 ways in which reading a book makes you confident, carefree, and just plain happy as a commuter:

1. You don’t sigh and roll your eyes when the Metro is a minute (or ten) late. Please. There are more interesting things in front of you.

2. The man with extreme BO next to you is barely noticeable because OMG Gollum has the ring! How did this happen?!

3. People blocking your way on the escalator? No worries. This is the best place to read a few pages: no need to pay attention to walking.

4.  Your metro ride seems unbearably quick. You may even choose to continue on to the next stop … just for fun. I have to finish this chapter!

5. No seats for eating inside? Excellent. Book + food + you will have a date at the park. 

6. Pretending to read while actually eavesdropping on two Hill employees’ gossip about senators is unduly entertaining. It’s the little things in DC …

7. Hardbacks are your new weapon for fending off unsavory nighttime characters … a simple whomp! over the head should do the trick.

8. Slow walkers don’t bother you anymore. To the contrary, hurried commuters become quite the nuisance. Excuse me! I’m reading here. Try to walk at a more turtlelike pace, okay?

Although tongue-in-cheek here, I will never stop being an evangelist for speaking softly, and carrying a big purse with a book.

Happy city-dwelling!


2 thoughts on “Books as the Gateway to City Nonchalance.

  1. Well, Love, I can’t relate because these places and things are N/A to my
    life, HOWEVER, trying to beat the birds to the blueberries is a race…trying to get worms out to the baby bluebirds and sparrows (the sparrows will actually sing when they see me coming with the wigglies), getting the garden
    “picked” before sunrise…these are NOT slowdown times.. maybe relaxing
    before students come…or even grabbing a nap…ah! that’s MY slowdown
    time. Reading is dangerous for me…early? great! late? ..snorZZZZZZ.e.:)
    love you Sweetie.

  2. I love this post! It is so true, and I found this while in Italy as well! Haha I actually purchased a leather purse in Italy and my main requirement was that it had to fit a book inside. We actually “test drove” a bunch of them by asking the vendor if we could try to fit a book inside :) Got your postcard and have one for you as well, just message me with where to send it! Maybe to your new home? Even though it will be days late.. it’s still got good stuff in it!

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